Angels & Demons

Mass Market Paperback, 636 pages

English language

Published Aug. 6, 2016 by Corgi Books.

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4 stars (2 reviews)

The countdown to oblivion has started - who will stop the clock?

A famous scientist is found dead, a mysterious symbol burned into his skin.

Many miles away in Rome, the world's cardinals gather to elect a new pope. Little do they know that beneath their feet, a vast bomb has started to tick.

Professor Robert Langdon must work out the link between these two seemingly unconnected events if he is to stop the Vatican being blown sky high. --back cover

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اولین رمانی که خوندم!

5 stars

این اولین رمانی بود که مطالعه کردم. درواقع بعد از خوندن این کتاب بود که به مطالعه کتاب های غیر تخصصی توجه کردم. لذت غرق شدن در دنیای داستانی که کتاب نقل می کنه، واقعا تجربه‌ی ای بود که تا اون موقع نداشتم.

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  • American literature