The Dark Tower

The Gunslinger The dark tower -- 1

Paperback, 249 pages

English language

Published March 14, 1989 by Sphere Books Limited.

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The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed...

As the world moved on he followed, for a nameless time. Naked between the unforgiving sun and the sterile sand, blind in the bowels of the mountains where no light penetrates, shadowed by dangers both magic and physical, the gunslinger moved steadily on his destined path.

For beyond the hazards of the way - the crazed seer, the speaking demon, the slow mutants, the undead boy, and yet stranger sorceries - he would hear, on the night that was ten years long, of the Dark Tower. Nexus of Time and Space, the tower where he would one day come, winding his horn for some unimaginable final battle...

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