325 pages

English language

Published Nov. 15, 1993 by Bantam Books.


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California, the not so distant future. Berry, ex-cop/private security, looking to just make ends meet. Chevette, a young bicycle messanger. A murder, a secret missing, and a murderer closing in on Chevette. Berry is the only thing standing between him and Chevette. Can he keep her alive long enough to figure why, and how to stop it? Multi-national corporations, reality tv, a world gone just a bit more ragged than our own. Murder, mystery, real people just trying to get by or survive another day in an harsh world. Big dome private communities and shanty towns built on the discarded remains of a bridge we all know. High tech meets duct tape and superglue. With his unique style and flair, Gibson spins a tale set in a world just to the left of ours.

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  • Twenty-first century -- Fiction
  • California -- Fiction