Look for Yourself

The Science and Art of Self-Realization

Paperback, 236 pages

English language

Published Jan. 31, 1998 by Inner Directions Foundation.

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This book is an outstanding collection of essays by Douglas Harding, author of the contemporary spiritual classic "On Having No Head."In "Look for Yourself," the esteemed mystic/philosopher helps us to discover what is so obvious about our true nature, yet so easily overlooked. The book is, in effect, a heartfelt challenge to the reader to awaken to the true identity that is (as Harding makes evident) more wonderful than any of us can imagine, and easier to perceive than anything in the world. The writings convey exactly how and where to look in order to find this treasure of sanity and well-being. What's more, they verify the immense personal and universal implications of awakening to our infinite nature.

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