Sanatana Dharma

The Eternal Religion

Paperback, 268 pages

English language

Published Nov. 17, 2023 by Light of the Spirit Press.

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Sanatana Dharma, commonly called Hinduism, is not just beautiful temples, colorful festivals, gurus and unusual beliefs.

It is, simply put, “The Way Things Are” on a cosmic scale. It is the facts of existence and transcendence.

It illumines who we really are, what the world is, and how we should live our lives to go from mere belief to actual Realization of the Ultimate Reality we call God or Brahman.

Swami Nirmalananda has edited for the modern reader a book originally printed nearly one hundred years ago in Varanasi, India, for use as a textbook by students of Benares Hindu University. Its original title was Sanatana Dharma, An Advanced Text Book of Hindu Religion and Ethics.

In Sanatana Dharma: The Eternal Religion you will discover:

• Basic Hindu Religious Ideas, including karma, rebirth, spiritual evolution; the worlds, visible and invisible, and the path of Freedom. • General Hindu Religious Customs …

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