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Metro 2034 (Paperback, 2015, Panama Yayincilik) 1 star

Why does this book have such a good rating?

1 star

Content warning Spoilers about Metro 2034, but seriously it's a bad book, you wouldn't miss anything anyway, not reading it.

Project Hail Mary (Hardcover, 2021, Ballantine Books) 4 stars

Ryland Grace is the sole survivor on a desperate, last-chance mission--and if he fails, humanity …

The Martian 2.0

5 stars

While there are some new developments in this one, it very much feels like another 'The Martian' with a slightly different story. The protagonist is almost the same exact character and a bunch of the other elements feel very similar. I'm still happy with this book, because the elements that are new, are wonderful.

The 'The Martian formula' made some plot points a bit predictable, but I think he did a very good job on this one. This may seem like I'm bashing the book, it's still a fantastic read. I hope he is not sticking too much to his formula in the future, because it was noticeable, though this was still an absolutely worthwhile story to jump into. Please don't stop writing.

The Testaments (Hardcover, 2019, Nan A. Talese) 5 stars

Fifteen years after the events of The Handmaid’s Tale, the theocratic regime of the Republic …

A worthy sequel

5 stars

It's been so many years after the first book and that's usually a bad sign, but I quite enjoyed this one. Some plot points where a bit predictable, but I think it's still a good sequel. I was hoping for more stories from that universe so I'm happy with how this turned out.

Are u ok? (2018) 4 stars

"Are u ok? walks readers through the most common questions about mental health and the …

Excellent introduction to mental health

4 stars

I'm glad I've read this book! It's such a well structured and detailed introduction into how to take care of your mental health. Kati explains when you need therapy, how to get it and what to look out for. I'm grateful that I don't need the advice now, but I will keep this book close if the need arises and as a recommendation to others that may need some more information.

Buffering (2016, HarperCollins) 4 stars

As a professional Internet personality, Hannah Hart spends a lot of time walking the line …

Interesting and tough life

4 stars

This was an interesting look into how she struggled with mental illness herself and with that of her mom. I like that she also mentions how to get out of there, how hard it is and that there is no easy solution. It must have been hard to write this book and be reminded about all those tough times again. I think this is a good book to take a hard look at yourself and think about what you can do, that you shouldn't be too hard on yourself and that the system is fundamentally broken. It may be better in Europe than it is in America, but there's still so much progress that could be made to improve the life of so many people and help them from having to endure such unnecessary hardship.

Why Women Have Better Sex Under Socialism (Hardcover, 2018, Bold Type Books) 5 stars

An excellent read!

5 stars

I'm glad that I stumbled upon this book. It gives insight into the struggles of women and their (in)dependence of men. There are so many examples of how we go wrong in discarding solutions and that we should think bigger in finding new ones. It's one of those reads, where you wonder, why there still hasn't been a huge change and how would we be able to kick start those. I highly recommend this to anyone that is even slightly interested in how to build a world that is more fair for all and especially women.

Erste Person Singular (Hardcover, German language, 2021, DuMont Buchverlag GmbH & Co. KG) 4 stars

Frauen, die verschwinden, eine fiktive Bossa-Nova-Platte von Charlie Parker, ein sprechender Affe und ein Mann, …

Just one of his usual short stories

4 stars

It was just a fun little read, nothing exceptional, but also not bad. It's not gonna be one of my favorites, but I didn't regret buying and reading it. I also read this on a train ride, so I'm glad I bought this on a whim.

Never Let Me Go (2006, Vintage International) 4 stars

From the Booker Prize-winning author of The Remains of the Day and When We Were …

Surprisingly good book!

5 stars

I picked this randomly, I've never read one of his books before, but I'm glad I did!

It's such an interesting book, the writing is surprisingly fitting for the story. It's such a nice way to build the world through someones eyes, that doesn't see how weird it is. I thought it would change on a specific direction after a certain plot point, but it didn't. It's strange to think about how they would think and what things they wouldn't even question. Why they wouldn't start a revolution, never even consider it. They are just so used to how things are laid out for them, it's just how it's supposed to be for them. I'm looking forward to his other books!

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (2013, Penguin Books) 3 stars

From A to Z, the Penguin Drop Caps series collects 26 unique hardcovers—featuring cover art …

Not my jam

3 stars

I feel like it's a good book, but I just couldn't finish it. I don't know what it was, it's just the whole book felt annoying to read through. Nothing really happens and stuff is described well, which is like every other Murakami book, but in this case, it just felt like work.

Rework (Hardcover, 2010, Crown Business) 4 stars

First edition

I don't know where to put this

4 stars

It's a well written book, but sometimes it feels like they are just telling you things you want to hear. It's also kind of an ad for their own company. Nonetheless, I like the approach to turn down the stress on start-ups, that you don't have to be perfect from the beginning, not overwork yourself, don't put that much money into PR and so on. I especially like their attitude of not needing to grow bigger and bigger to be successful, that companies can have the size they like. They seem to be successful with that, so I guess it's not that bad. It's motivating, I'd suggest that to others that think about starting a business.

Spurious Correlations (2015, Hachette Books) 2 stars

Is there a correlation between Nic Cage films and swimming pool accidents? What about beef …

Fun at first

2 stars

This is one of those books, where the idea sounds much more interesting and fun than it ends up being.

I'm glad that it's such a short read, because these random correlations are funny for like three of those graphs, after which it's just boring. It's not because of his writing, his fun facts keep it afloat, he's not bad at that, but this topic just isn't good in my opinion.