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Known to some as a fake Taoist, and to others a blue Håj.

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À la ligne (French language, La table ronde) 4 stars

À la ligne est le premier roman de Joseph Ponthus. C’est l’histoire d’un ouvrier intérimaire …

Dans le résumé, il est décrit comme un roman racontant la vie d'un ouvrier intérimaire, mais à mon avis, c'est plutôt une série de monologues et de flux de conscience d'un ouvrier.

Une écriture qui se situe entre le poème et la prose.

Ce livre me fait beaucoup penser à une amie de moi qui travaille dans un restaurant chinois, toujours le même depuis qu'elle y a été envoyée par sa famille quand elle n'était à peine majeure.

Maintenant elle n'est plus sans-papier et s'est construit une vie très belle et heureuse, mais cette lecture me fait toutefois mal au cœur.

NGINX Cookbook (2020, O'Reilly Media, Incorporated) 4 stars

Does the job correctly

4 stars

I know I just wrote an angry post complaining, but tbfair the book is overall well written. Among all the nginx stuff (mostly on oreilly) I have read and watched, I think this is by far the best one.

It is succinct, straight to the point. Challenge, solution, and an example with explanation. Clean.

Originally I wanted to read the book because many parts of the fediverse have been under ddos-attack, and I was looking for ways to protect the servers I administer. And they are found.

I skipped a lot of the chapters as I don’t have an nginx plus, I don’t need a cdn, I don’t need a lot of the stuff.

It’s relatively well written, intuitive and thorough. Could be used as a study guide or a quick reference book.

Some basic understanding of nginx is needed to appreciate this book.

The Picture of Dorian Gray (Paperback, 2019, Independently published) 4 stars

A remarkably handsome youth, Dorian Gray, meets Lord Henry Wotton and is corrupted into a …

If you are using audible, get the Russell Tovey Version

4 stars

Originally I was listening to a LibreVox version, but since there are a lot of dialogues, it was difficult for me to keep tabs on who’s speaking if without good dramatisation, and I got confused all the time as to who’s said what, so I joined the audible membership.

Russell’s dramatisation is ingeniously done and is I think by far the best one. Each character a distinct tone, accent and rhythm.

From Our Own Correspondent (2006, Tony Grant) 5 stars

The flagship Radio 4 programme From Our Own Correspondent gives Britain's most celebrated reporters the …

A Pleasant Read with many Bite-sized Stories

5 stars

I have had it as my bedtime read. One bite sized story per night.

A brilliant selection of journalism tinged with a humane and personal touch. Very well written.

My favourite one is the linguistically talented father who has a different political view than his son.

亡国后我嫁给了泥腿 (中文 language, 2021, 晋江) 3 stars


沈珠曦逃出皇宫时,怎么也没想到,未来让她抬头挺胸重回此处的,不是她经天纬地、满腹珠玑的未婚夫,而是一个粗鲁、暴躁、没文化,爱当人爸爸的泥腿子。 初见时,她嫌弃他家底薄,学识薄,脸皮还很厚,做梦想吃天鹅肉。












“我只是想嫁一个貌比潘安、知情识趣、出身高贵、满腹才华,最好像曹植一样七步成诗的驸马,这有错吗?当然没有!” …


3 stars

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