Published May 28, 2020 by Berkley.

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3 stars (3 reviews)

"One of the most visionary, original, and quietly influential writers currently working" (The Boston Globe) returns with a brand-new novel.

In William Gibson's first novel since 2014's New York Times bestselling The Peripheral, a gifted "app-whisperer," hired to beta test a mysterious new product, finds her life endangered by her relationship with her surprisingly street-smart and combat-savvy "digital assistant."

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reviewed Agency by William Gibson, BA

More of the good stuff convoluted story

3 stars

I listened to this book with a sinus infection so maybe I missed some of the charm, but there are not one but two exposition characters constantly asking what's going on, and they're abosulty necessary to keep the story straight. And are often apologized to because nobody has any idea what is gong on or why people are going places and doing things. There are narrative reasons for all of this, but it's a big glamor show with no real impact. In fact the last 30% of the book could have not included the protaganist and it would have gone exactly the same way. While we got flashy fights and over the top stunts with the main character keeping a stiff upper lip and going along for the ride, I still can't tell you why.

It's a narrative full of "and then" and no "there for" or "but".

Awesome characters, …

Review of 'Agency' on 'Goodreads'

3 stars

This book read as a Neal Stephenson book or action movie script. If you're up to that - and I ocassionally am - do put the book on your reading list. I prefer my Gibson's to make me constantly wonder "what the hell is going on here..?" or go "oh no they did not, did they?"