Arrows of the Queen ( The Heralds of Valdemar, Book 1)

Paperback, 320 pages

English language

Published March 3, 1987 by DAW.

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Talia, a runaway Holdgirl, is chosen to become a trainee herald in the queen's elite guard and to care for young Princess Elspeth, heir to the throne. The sequels are Arrow's Flight (1987) and Arrow's Fall (1988). The author's Last Herald Mage series (Magic's Pawn, 1989; Magic's Price, 1990; and Magic's Promise, 1990), and her Mage Winds trilogy (Winds of Fate, 1991; Winds of Change, 1992; and Winds of Fury, 1993) are set in the same world. The Black Gryphon (1994), written by Lackey and Larry Dixon, is set in Valdemar 1,000 years earlier. Storm Warning (1994) is the first book in the author's Mage Storms trilogy, also set in Valdemar. Annotation. Talia, a young runaway, is made a herald at the royal court after she rescues one of the legendary Companions. When she uncovers a plot to seize the throne, Talia must use her empathic powers to save the …

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