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Avid reader; mostly nonfiction; history, tech, alternative medicine, self help. Though I love fantasy and science fiction equally.

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The long path to the throne has only just begun for Aelin Galathynius. Loyalties have …

Erawan had skillfully divided his fleet, placing it in enough key locations that Rowan informed Dorian they’d have to sacrifice land, allies, and geographical advantages in order to hold others. Dorian had hated to admit to the Fae warrior that he’d never heard any of these plans these past years—his council meetings had all been on policy and trade and slaves. A distraction, he realized—a way to keep the lords and rulers of the continent focused on one thing while other plans were set in motion. And now … if Erawan summoned the fleet from the gulf, they’d likely sail around Eyllwe’s southern coast and sack every city until they reached Orynth’s doorstep.

Maas, Sarah J.. Empire of Storms (Throne Of Glass Series Book 5) (pp. 235-236). Bloomsbury Publishing. Kindle Edition.

empire of storms by 

Just goes to show how powerful a magical military can be... one that's on the wrong side of the war.

The Assassin’s Blade (EBook, 2014) 5 stars

In these five prequel novellas to "Throne of Glass," feared assassin Celaena embarks on daring …

Wonderful world building and suspense

5 stars

Some bundles of these books would seek to put this book last in the list of the seven novels. In my humble opinion, it ought to be put first... because this content is what makes the reader aware of many of the references that Celaena makes in later novels. Without it, you will easily get confused.

Fairy Tale (Hardcover, english language, 2022, Scribner) 4 stars

Legendary storyteller Stephen King goes deep into the well of his imagination in this spellbinding …

Best Retelling of Jack and the Beanstalk for adults... and more!

5 stars

I think that King went out on a huge limb here... and boy am I glad he did. This story, like the Shining, It, and the Institute before it, show the magnificent theme of "kid power" that Stephen is so good at. charlie Reade was no exception. I think that if he were a real person, I would want to get to know him, and I would probably hang out with him on a regular basis. Either way, if you want a book that's emotional as it is rivetting, then King does it again. It does have some of his normal horror, but this one gives the reader a bit of a break from that, where we see the more fantastical side of this wonderful and legendary author.

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Fairy Tale (Hardcover, english language, 2022, Scribner) 4 stars

Legendary storyteller Stephen King goes deep into the well of his imagination in this spellbinding …

This is one of the best retellings of Jack and the Beanstalk I have read... at least that's where part of the basis comes from. then again, I could be wrong. A storyteller like King probably has a ton of tricks up his sleeve that we can't even begin to hint at.

commented on The Raveling: The Complete Saga by Alec Hutson

2016 Ink and Insights Competition – Judges’ Favorite 2017 Readers' Favorite Award for Epic Fantasy …

Second book of this trilogy, now... getting good, though I wish Jan hadn't ended up being the person he was... or was I just infatuated with his sword, Bright? (that sword is gorgeous.) Maybe Senacus will actually redeem himself? And Demian... I sort of liked him?