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Avid reader; mostly nonfiction; history, tech, alternative medicine, self help. Though I love fantasy and science fiction equally.

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Now you can see a bit of Jason's ruthlessness... though couldn't any protector of a city be considered the villain to every other city arrayed against them? I would say so... villain of hero, it's all dependent on which side you're on. though Jason's life hasn't been made easy by people in the real world, has it?

commented on the Bodies Of Others by Naomi Wolf

The Bodies of Others is about how we came to the harrowing civilizational crossroads at …

Right now this feels like I'm reading a treatise on why AI is bad... I feel that Dr. Wolf doesn't display a balanced view of the whole thing; to her, all tech is bad and we need to get back to a world where everything is done on paper. Tech isn't the problem. Big tech is the problem.