Hidden Pictures

Hardcover, 373 pages

English language

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4 stars (4 reviews)

A mystery about a woman working as a nanny for a young boy with strange and disturbing secrets.

2 editions

Review of 'Hidden Pictures' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

While certainly making use of some of the standard tropes of the genre it does so well, making Hidden Pictures a compelling paranormal thriller/mystery with horror elements that had me enthralled fully to the extent that I read it over 2 sessions. I found the story to be unique and inventful that had me just wanting to continue reading to find out what happens next. There are a few occasions where if you were really questioning the plot you might consider a couple of things pretty convenient and suspension of disbelief to a degree is necessary, but that goes with the genre's territory and doesn't detract from the story. The illustrations within the hard copy of the book enhance the experience significantly and is another unique aspect of the book that it pulls off well. All in all a fantastic page-turner that I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to any …

Eipä kantanut loppuun saakka

2 stars

Opioidikoukusta irti pyristellyt parikymppinen Mallory pääsee kesäduuniin viisivuotiaan Teddy Maxwellin lastenhoitajaksi vähän fiinimmälle asuinalueelle New Jerseyn Spring Brookiin. Idylliseltä vaikuttava Maxwellien perhe-elämä kätkee kuitenkin synkkiä salaisuuksia.

Ensimmäiset ~70% ihan ookoo mysteeri/trilleri joka flirttailee yliluonnollisten elementtien kanssa. Sit kirjailijalta lähtee lapasesta, mukaan ympätään hölmöjä twistejä ja lukukokemus lässähtää.

Kuunneltu äänikirjana. Suzy Jackson lukijana ihajjees.

Stranger Danger

5 stars

Hidden Pictures tells the story of a young adult girl, Mallory, recently rehabilitated, who becomes a live-in babysitter to young Teddy, whose pictures begin to tell a story, and Mallory finds herself struggling to solve their purpose. I absolutely loved this book and found it hard to put down from the get-go.