The Final Strife

A Novel (The Ending Fire Trilogy, Book One)

Hardcover, 608 pages

English language

Published June 21, 2022 by ‎Del Rey.


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5 stars (1 review)

Red is the blood of the elite, of magic, of control. Blue is the blood of the poor, of workers, of the resistance. Clear is the blood of the slaves, of the crushed, of the invisible.

Sylah dreams of days growing up in the resistance, being told she would spark a revolution that would free the empire from the red-blooded ruling classes’ tyranny. That spark was extinguished the day she watched her family murdered before her eyes.

Anoor has been told she’s nothing, no one, a disappointment, by the only person who matters: her mother, the most powerful ruler in the empire. But when Sylah and Anoor meet, a fire burns between them that could consume the kingdom—and their hearts.

Hassa moves through the world unseen by upper classes, so she knows what it means to be invisible. But invisibility has its uses: It can hide the most dangerous of …

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Review of 'The Final Strife' on 'Goodreads'

5 stars

This is a very interesting piece of mythology. It took me a while honestly to get into it, which is odd, but I think that's because of my lack of education in African myths; while I love studying the world's religions, this is not one that's come up.